Healing the Earth Element Q&A Replay

Here’s the replay of my FIRST live Q&A!

In this video, I share the nitty-gritty details of my new series, Healing the Earth Element—plus some helpful tips that you can use right now to improve your digestion and overall health. I hope you’ll check it out!


0:00-1:00—A little awkward rambling
1:00-6:00—Settling exercise (black screen for closed eyes)
6:40—Your internal “Mom”
9:55—Intro to the 10 Earth themes
24:30—Why these themes are so important
26:15—Why a special diet is NOT part of this program
28:30—The time commitment (hint: this program is intended to relieve overwhelm, not create it)
30:50—How to tell if you’re ready (my motherly advice)
34:00—Yeah, I’m talking to you. Or am I?
39:22—A note about healing (what to expect and what not to expect)

Got more questions? Please share them in the comments below! Or feel free to drop me a line. 

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