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The heart as a doorway

There’s more to the “heart” than the organ that pumps your blood. You also have an electrical field in the center of your chest that expands and contracts in response to the world around you (imagine the aperture of a camera or the pupil of your eye). Opening this “doorway” allows you to receive Qi (energy) while helping you connect to something much much bigger.

Tight in the bud

Many of us unconsciously clench up and close off parts of our hearts in an attempt to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, this common habit makes us more susceptible to self-limiting beliefs, while keeping us from tapping into a never-ending source of love, vitality, guidance, and support. Keeping our hearts tightly guarded can also lead to anxiety, overwhelm, depletion, loneliness, and all sorts of emotional and physical pain.

Unveiling the heart

Fortunately, there are things you can do re-open this doorway to health and happiness. This kind of heart-opening doesn’t make you more vulnerable to getting hurt. Quite the opposite. It can actually protect you and make stressful experiences much easier to manage. It can also help you feel more peace, clarity, strength, and resiliency. Now, that’s worth opening up to!

A little background

The exercises that I’d like to share with you are based on a system called Whole Heart Connection, created by my mentor and dear friend, Thea Elijah, LAc. I’ve had the honor of studying with Thea for over fifteen years and assisting her in classes for over a decade. This practice draws from a blend of Chinese medicine and Sufism, but the concepts are universal and relatable—regardless of your spiritual beliefs.

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What folks are saying…

I always feel seen, understood and accepted by Sharon. She’s helped me see that my inner struggles are not personal shortcomings and may in fact be gifts that add to the richness of life. I feel such peace and ease at the end of our time together. Her support has allowed me to shift toward more patience, self-acceptance and open-heartedness. Sharon is a gifted teacher and advisor and I’m grateful to know her.
~David – Seattle, WA
Sharon has a wonderfully nurturing, calm, healing presence that made me feel safe and deeply held.
~Jenny – Cape Cod, MA
Sharon’s presence is very soothing and supportive.  I feel more grounded after our sessions and the exercises are helpful for regaining a good perspective on my life situation, as well as nurturing the innate healing potential of my body and soul.
~Sara – Chicago, IL
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