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Heal your belly

Is bloating, indigestion, sluggishness, weight issues, irritable bowels, or other digestive issues taking over your life? Feeling confused about what to eat and tired of avoiding the foods you love? I’m happy to help. I can give you simple, natural tools to relieve your symptoms and heal your digestion—so you can savor food and life again.

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Nourish your soul

Just like a garden, you have needs that must be filled to be healthy and fruitful. I can help you reconnect with the part of you that knows exactly what you need to feel nourished and fulfilled. You’ll gain insight and clarity to help you transform emotional challenges, tap into your superpowers, and live the life you want to live.

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Hi there. I’m Sharon.

I help folks heal their digestion and live with more comfort, ease, and joy. My work is based on a blend of Chinese medicine, whole food nutrition, and heart-centered practices—inspired by my own experience recovering from life-threatening digestive issues.

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What folks are saying

Slide Sandra ~Marketing Manager "Sharon has transformed the meaning of nourishment for me. Her insight and observations have helped me bring balance into my life. Her practices are sustainable and fun! I love working with Sharon, she is simply amazing!" Slide Jonathan ~ Software Engineer "Sharon taught me an entirely new way of approaching food, one that is easy, delicious, and makes my body much happier than the way I was eating before. I am very grateful for all the healing Sharon has brought into my life, and would strongly recommend her to anyone else experiencing digestion problems.” Slide Guy & June ~ Pilot & Nurse Practitioner "Thank you for taking the time and sharing your wealth of knowledge in that gentle and lighthearted way that makes even a big Guy feel comfortable in the kitchen!” Slide Carrie ~ Interior Designer "Sharon is a joy to be with, both funny and nurturing and a grounded, unique spirit. I was a little fearful of the “woo-woo” factor that can be so pervasive in alternative healing, but she is down to earth and wonderful, not to mention incredibly intuitive about what’s going on in my life." Slide C.C. ~ Pharmacist "I used to go on vacation and my “diet” would be ruined. Now I go on vacation and I still enjoy the foods I loved before, but I can’t wait to get home to my nourishing lifestyle. I can never go back.”

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Ease your belly and mind with my free Digestive Health Starter Kit! YES PLEASE!
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