“Sharon came into my life at just the right time. After being diagnosed with IBS, and refusing to take prescription medicine to mask my symptoms, I decided to give acupuncture a try. I read about Sharon’s practice and knew I had to meet her. She is so very gentle and compassionate- a must for those of us who are extremely sensitive- and her treatments have improved my well being significantly. And after taking one of her cooking classes I now know that I have the tools, resources and support to help my body heal and balance itself. I wish everyone I know and love could visit Sharon. I think they would enjoy many benefits from her work. Thank you, Sharon, for taking such good care of me!” Alison- Chicago, IL

“When I first met Sharon, I had been having some severe digestive difficulties and hadn’t eaten any solid foods in about 5 weeks. I had lost 14 pounds (involuntarily), and even drinking at times gave me pain and nausea. My gastroenterologist could only offer prescription meds with potentially severe and permanent side-effects, or surgery. I rejected both of those options and came to see Sharon for acupuncture, instead.

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“I always feel seen, understood and accepted by Sharon. She’s helped me see that my inner struggles are not personal shortcomings and may in fact be gifts that add to the richness of life.  I feel such peace and ease at the end of our time together.   Her support has allowed me to shift toward more patience, self-acceptance and open heartedness.  Sharon is a gifted teacher and advisor and I’m grateful to know her.” David- Seattle, WA

“When I first came to see Sharon I was experiencing very frequent and very intense digestive discomfort and pain. I had dropped about 25 pounds, which is a lot for a 130 pound, 5’7″ woman. Because I had a history of pelvic cancer and radiation treatment, all of my very competent medical doctors, including a surgeon, a radiation oncologist, and a gastroenterologist, were focused on finding answers based on their “Western” training. They looked for an anatomical problem, but extensive testing and imaging provided no clear answers.

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“Where do I start in trying to explain how instrumental Sharon was in my physical and emotional healing? Sharon and I crossed paths rather serendipitously, shortly after I had been involved in a very serious car accident. The acupuncturist I was seeing at the time wasn’t a good fit, with an approach that seemed to be doing more harm than good at a time when my mind and body needed an intuitive, gentle, skilled and compassionate healer…and Sharon is all that and more.

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“I always feel so nourished when I go to my acupuncture appointments with Sharon. She has gotten to know my constitution well and adjusts my treatments according to my needs that given day. I always leave well grounded and centered. I also have benefited from her nutrition consultations. Sharon is a gem and you must see for yourself!” Rebecca- Seattle, WA

“I was so sick with digestive issues when I first came to Sharon that I was really unsure if anyone could help…honestly I had just about exhausted my resources both in western and naturopathic medicine and she was pretty much my last resort.  When I first met her though, she gave me so much hope and really motivated me to keep fighting for my health.  Within 2-3 months of working with her both thru acupuncture and nutritional support, I was out of my first exacerbation…but little did I know I had a few more to fight though.

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“Sharon has transformed the meaning of nourishment for me. Her insight and observations have helped me bring balance into my life. Her practices are sustainable and fun! I love working with Sharon, she is simply amazing!” Sandra B- Mill Creek, WA

“Sharon is the best acupuncturist in the Seattle area. My body totally trusts the way she applies the needles and her approach to the work is exactly what I need in the moment. She is highly intuitive and her nurturing touch and demeanor, as well as her professionalism during my sessions, makes me feel totally safe while undergoing the acupuncture treatment. Especially for people with digestive problems I highly recommend her work as acupuncturist!”  Marjon- Seattle, WA

“Sharon is a gifted acupuncturist whose gentle and compassionate care provides a deeply nurturing atmosphere allowing you to relax and just let the treatment take its course. After a session with Sharon, you not only experience improvement in physical and emotional issues, but you feel as if you’d been on a mini-vacation. Acupuncture with Sharon is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.” Nina- Seattle, WA

“Sharon Gray’s acupuncture and massage treatments have had a wonderfully healing effect on my digestive difficulties! She also alleviates the chronic neck pain I’ve lived with for many months. The calm peaceful atmosphere of her studio and her gentle touch are conducive to a deeply meditative experience, and I always leave feeling as if I’m floating on air! I recommend her highly!” Dixie- Seattle, WA

“Sharon is brimming with compassionate ideas. Any new concern I had, she took her time to consider it fully (for a moment or days), and then presented a possible course of thought or action in simple terms. If something wasn’t clear or didn’t feel comfortable, she found different ways to approach it. But everything feels clearer in her presence because she always shows up so fully to meet you where you are.”  Brittany- Seattle, WA

“I had been suffering from terrible nasal allergies and was no longer able to take decongestants, which had been the only thing making them tolerable. I was at my wits end. My friend referred me to Sharon and despite my skepticism, I gave it a try. I am so glad I did! Acupuncture not only got rid of my daily allergy headaches but greatly improved my mental state as well. Sharon is very nurturing and professional. She gets to know you and your constitution and provides great advice on how you can make lifestyle tweaks to amplify the affects of the acupuncture. I highly recommend her.”  Gena- Seattle, WA

“I can heartily recommend Sharon Gray, LAc for her treatment skills. I began my first session in May, 2009 and after that first treatment, my Irritable Bowel symptoms improved dramatically. Over a two years period, I had tried a number of other treatment modalities, and this was the first to make a real difference. Sharon is an outstanding listener, and after each of the sessions, I have experienced improved functioning from the combination of acupuncture, gentle massage, and from an overall sense of relaxation which lasts for several days after the session. An unexpected pleasure for me was the sense of total ease and enjoyment I felt at my daughter’s wedding, during a time that I would have otherwise expected to have felt stress and anxiety. It has been a pure joy to work with Sharon.” M.B.- Mill Creek, WA

“I’ve been a client of Sharon’s for over three years, and I will say with great confidence that acupuncture and a new approach to wellness (beyond this-symptom-gets-that-drug) has changed my life for the better. I’d like to say that I found Sharon by accident, but then I’m not sure I believe in accidents–but more that you find the people you need when you need them! I had seen a piece on her featured in [The Daily Candy] that raved about her, and I knew that I had found my doorway into the acupuncture experience.

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“After 8 weeks of weekly treatments and a nutrition consultation I felt like I’d made 180 degree turn in how I felt. … In addition to better digestion, I had more energy, I was having less bouts of insomnia, my cycle started to regulate itself (and with PCOS that is spectacular!), my blood pressure decreased from an average of 139/90 to 124/85, and I lost just over 10 lbs. … I think it is fantastic that she utilizes a number of styles of therapy in her acupuncture treatments including massage and acupressure. How do you describe the indescribable? After 2 months I feel the energy I had at 21. … I feel renewed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle infertility…. I would never wish infertility on anyone, but it has been a huge part in my path to better health, for it led me to TCM and Sharon.”  Michelle- Marysville, WA

“Sharon is awesome. I have been a client of acupuncture for several years. She has been my councilor for digestive problems, sleeping problems and personal problems. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is a bright, witty and intelligent woman and I highly recommend her. I miss her in Seattle.” Pat- Seattle, WA

“[Sharon’s cooking class] took all my fear out of experimenting and cooking meals. I discovered many new things about cooking and found some new types of foods that I really enjoyed and never thought I would. As far as cooking and eating healthier, it has changed my life. I love instinctive cooking–I hated getting out recipe books and this class has given me the confidence in the kitchen to take that distasteful part out of meal preparation. Eating for nourishment I feel so much better. I used to go on vacation and my “diet” would be ruined. Now I go on vacation and I still enjoy the foods I loved before, but I can’t wait to get home to my nourishing lifestyle. I can never go back.” Clif- Marysville, WA

“Both Guy and I loved the personal aspect of the dinner/cooking class… The aspects of the course we felt made it so special: the opportunity to actually prepare and cook in a real kitchen…we had such personal attention…Guy felt totally comfortable to ask a zillion questions…the amazing way you can talk that blends nutrition, emotions into eastern/western worlds….we loved it! We used your lists of ‘helpful’ foods for our individual health challenges and incorporate them right into our pot meals. Thank you for taking the time and sharing your wealth of knowledge in that gentle and lighthearted way that makes even a big Guy feel comfortable in the kitchen!” Guy and June- Anchorage, Alaska

“Sharon is the healthiest person to spend time with. I don’t mean that in a deny-what-you-love-most-in-order-to-be-good sort of way. I mean she helps me live my life in a way that is fulfilling and nourishing. A few weeks ago I took her cooking class. The environment of the class was peaceful, intimate, and friendly. We learned how to make healthy, beautiful, amazingly tasty meals in simple creative ways. She encouraged us to experiment and cook without following directions or recipes. I finished the class cooking more often for myself using vegetables I still don’t know the name of. I now find new ways to make quick, easy meals that taste good and are satisfying and are truly healthy. Sharon’s approach to food and teaching is so soothing I think everyone in the class was inspired to take better care of ourselves.”  Ellen- Kenmore, WA