Skin and Bones

That’s me in the shirt with my mom and step-dad in Florida in 1996. I was 22 years old and weighed 72 lbs. We flew there to see a doctor—as a last-ditch effort to save my life. It all started four years before with an acute bout of gastroenteritis (or so they thought). After that, […]

How to Choose a Diet That’s Right for You

Ever hear this nutrition advice? “Avoid carbs!” “Eat whole grains!” “Go vegan!” “Eat more meat!” “Trim the fat!” “Fat is good!” “Cook your food!” “Go raw!” “Do this!” Stop doing that!” It’s no wonder many of us feel overwhelmed and confused about what to eat. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great ideas out […]

Foods that Put a Damper on Digestion

Imagine your digestive system is like a cozy fire in the center of your home. When well-tended, it gently “cooks” your food, allowing your body to break it down and absorb all its nutrients. Some foods are particularly damp by nature. In other words, they add extra moisture to the body, whether we need it or […]

Some Like it Hot

Have you ever noticed your cravings change with the seasons? For instance, that refreshing watermelon that was running down your chin in August may be the last thing you crave in November. As spring approaches, you may start hankering for bitter greens vs. hearty roasted vegetables and winter squash. This is our body’s way of […]

A Matter of Taste

Food has the power to lift us up when we’re down, ground us when we’re scattered, warm us up, cool us down, and even treat or prevent illnesses. The specific effects depend on the food’s inherent qualities, such as flavor, temperature, nutrients, and chemical composition. Chinese medicine refers to this as the energetics of food. I like […]